National Atlas & Thematic Mapping Organisation
Government of India, (Deptt. of Science & Technology)

Major Projects


  •  Major Projects of the organization include:

  • 'National Atlas Project' is the flagship publication of NATMO. Accordingly 'Bharat: Rashtriya Atlas' was first published in the year 1957 and its English Version, 'National Atlas of India' was published in the year 1986. The objective of this project was to have India's National Atlas like the other countries of the world and to depict the country in respect of its geology, geography, geomorphology, demography, culture, etc. Administrative publication is being updated and revised keeping pace with the administrative changes in thematic map form. National Atlas of India, both in English and in Hindi version, has been appreciated by the users from every corner. It is for the excessive demand of the users, NATMO is still publishing the editions of the Atlas and regular updating and revision of the same is going on.

  •  NATMO has taken up the project of Golden Map Service to provide location maps of any site of the country in black and white on web either by place-names or by geographical co-ordinates. It provides route map between two points in the country. It also provides a basis for a variety of social, economic, administrative operations related to elections, crime, rural marketing, relief and supply etc.

  • As per the decision of DCUSPC, NATMO had been assigned with District Planning Map Series project by DST in the year 1992 and the work on the same initiated in the year 2002 after formulating the detailed specification. Though this project was shared between NATMO and Survey of India initially, but later on NATMO was assigned with the project solely. These maps provide a ready-reckoner to the planners, researchers, students in respect of complete geographical, geological, geo-morphological, demographic, cultural information and features along with administrative boundary, blocks, etc. of a particular district both in paper format and in digitized format in Hindi and in English. NATMO has almost completed the project and maps of 260 districts have been published for the users. Digital versions of the maps are also going on in the final stage and will be published for the users very soon. However, revision and updating the work on account of formation of new district, are in progress along with rest of the project.

  •  NATMO has also pioneered in the field of mapping of Braille Atlas and atlas for people having low vision. In this project maps and atlases are being prepared using the technology of Braille. For low vision people colour scheme has been chosen which is suitable for them.NATMO has taken initiative for preparation of large-scale maps (1:10,000 scale) on various themes to facilitate micro-level planning like irrigation, agriculture etc. using its own database and technical methodology.
  •  A project has been taken up on the publication of an Archaeological Atlas jointly by Geo Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency,Govt. of Thailand and National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization, Govt. of India, for cooperation in the field of Mapping and Geospatial Technology Applications with thematic plates using high-resolution satellite data and geospatial technologies to highlight the spread of Buddhism from India to South East Asia.

  • Other projects of this organization include some unique projects like School Atlas in different Indian languages, Archaeological atlas,Anthropological atlas, Indian Heritage atlas, Micro level maps as an extension of district planning maps, Landform maps etc. 



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